Family Dinner


Tonight we started weeknight dinners, a favorite tradition in our house. Everyone lends a hand in the prep, set up, playlist making and cooking. Tonight we listened to T’s favorite band, Cryoshell, and made the first of many vegetarian recipes I found knowing we’d be hosting vegetarian: curried couscous with broccoli and feta. Yum!

4 thoughts on “Family Dinner

    • It was delicious! I have been vegetarian on and off throughout my life so I have a good stockpile of recipes but also researched a bunch of new ideas (thanks, Pinterest) to keep thinks new and interesting. I’m wondering if I should link to the recipes I post pictures of…

      Thanks for stopping by – how many days until arrival day for you??

  1. That’s what I love about couscous, it’s so easy and quick. Anything else you’re making for that particular dinner takes longer than preparing couscous 😀 However, I try to eat less gluten and couscous is made of wheat, so I tried millets the other day. It’s nice too, but not as easy as couscous. Have you ever tried millets?

    I think on average we eat no meat once a week. I love trying new stuff, so I’ll be watching what you and T come up with! About the linking, I’d like having the recipe in the post, either as a link or in text. Maybe it’d be fun for you and T to “rate” the recipe? And to tell if it was a recipe he knew or one you knew or something new for all of y’all? Maybe you could have a recipe-day at the blog? 😀

    Do you know this blog? I found it the other day. Maybe there’s some inspiration there?

    We have 18 days of waiting left… 😉

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