Family Ties


Last night we had another round of introductions. Our friends, Lisa & Jerry, came by for dinner. They are building a house here in Ann Arbor and wanted to check the progress so we thought it would be good to get them over to meet T since they were here anyway. They were a big part of N’s year and love Dutch teenagers as much as we do.

While we are close with our families, they are very far away. Nancy is from New York and Kris hails from Little Falls, NY so it’s at least a ten hour drive. Our Michigan friends are an awesome family.

We had a nice night of dinner and conversation on the deck (roasted asparagus and arugala penne salad with goat cheese), and then watched the Tigers game for a bit while talking and laughing the night away.

The kitchen is a train wreck this morning but that’s always the sign of a good night! We are lucky to have good friends in this state we haven’t quite embraced as home (yet) who keep us laughing and are so welcoming to our exchange students.

3 thoughts on “Family Ties

    • Is that the Dutch word that doesn’t have an exact English translation but means “cool” or “great”? If so, absolutely! It’s a great stove. When we bought our home we got it from the original owners who had all of the original appliances. We replaced the awful kitchen stuff about three years ago and just updated the washer/dryer after N left so it no longer takes 12+ hours to dry a load of laundry. Sadly, that’s not hyperbole. 🙂

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