Fries on Thursdays

A question asked by EF on all students’ application is what family tradition they enjoy. It’s one of my favorite questions on the application because I find it’s one that is usually answered in a simplistic way that reinforces that it’s really the little things that make a family. In T’s case he answered “Fries on Thursdays” and then added that he would also miss sailing as a family this summer.

Not too long after arriving we asked him about the fries and he said that it was something his family had started where they just pick up fries on the way home on Thursday and enjoy them with curry ketchup and mayo. We don’t have curry ketchup in the states readily available (more on this to come) but I was able to find a recipe and make my own yesterday so that T’s first Thursday in the house would have fries. We’ll keep up the tradition throughout the year! They usually have croquettes with them but that’s another thing not readily available here. He mentioned fried cheese so Kris picked up a small box of mozzarella sticks and also made grilled cheese (“toasties” as the Dutch call them).

Fried carbs and cheese once a week? Why not!


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