Welcome, E!


Last night we went to the airport to greet E, our IEC’s exchange student who arrived after a long day’s travel from Bella Italia. This is the picture that his family posted on Facebook before he left the airport.

We’re looking forward to getting to know him better. More on that next week.

6 thoughts on “Welcome, E!

    • Nooooooo… We don’t have the room for a double placement. E is one of our IEC’s students. An IEC is a local representative of the exchange program. She checks in with the students once a month, arranges activities, and handles any issues. Our IEC, Amy, is amazing!

      • 🙂 I took some time yesterday to post a bunch of updates but I don’t think I answered one of your questions. T and E will not be at the same school or even the same district. E lives in the town next to Ann Arbor and will go to that high school while T will go to one of three high schools in Ann Arbor, the new one.

        How many days ’til Zoé??

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