E’s Arrival and Exciting Stuff In The Hopper

I snagged a quick video of E being greeted by two of his host siblings and his host mom, who is also our IEC, Amy. Normally we don’t go to the airport to greet kids after our own has arrived but E is a special case. Our household is looking forward to getting to know him. And know him we will because next week we’re going to…


I, for one, am terribly, terribly, terribly excited. Like totally excited and cannot freaking wait. Which reminds me that I should probably put in my vacation request form at work!

Each August I meet up with my girlfriends at my mom’s and we spend an awesome weekend in NYC. Last year this included N – it was her second trip (we did Chicago a few weeks before). This was one of the first times I had ever done touristy New York stuff since I’m a native and refuse to do anything touristy. But it was actually really fun doing some of the things I swore I never would. After that initial trip we also went back for the holidays (NYC during the winter holidays is amazing) and again Memorial Day with another exchange student and A, N’s friend from the neighborhood.

When first communicating with T we asked him the one place he would want to see more than any other and he said, “The Statue of Liberty… New York City!” which made us appear to be rockstars when we immediately responded, “Done!”

We leave very early Tuesday morning, at this point. It keeps becoming earlier and at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up leaving Monday. Kris and the dogs will meet up with us on Thursday.

Since we’ll be there Tuesday night-Sunday night (driving home Monday) we can get a ton of New Yorky things crossed off the list. We’ll be putting the itinerary together this weekend (I was a travel agent in a former life) and of course posting about it. We’ll also be sure to make a fun YouTube video like this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_Ex_vhpPLY) once we arrive home. I’ll be posting a little later this week about tips for traveling to major cities with exchange students, especially when you are a native of that city (hint: the kids don’t care about where the locals hang out). We hope you’ll join us (virtually) on our adventure to the capital of the world!

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