Friday Nights With The Kozars

Friday nights generally mean boardgames with Suzanne and Brian, two friends of ours here in Ann Arbor.  Because T was sick last week we couldn’t head over there because we didn’t want to spread germs, especially because they have an almost three year old, A.

But, last night we reinstated game night and it was a blast.  T also enjoys games (Kris is alone in his lack of enthusiasm) so we thought it was a good idea to introduce him to this rather than leave him alone on Friday nights.  Once school starts and he develops a social life here in America it may change, but for now it’s fun for everyone.

As is the case every week we head over after work and take turns with who provides dinner and who brings the beer for our weekly tasting.  Suzanne & Brian had delicious curries from Curry Up ready for us and we all enjoyed the amazing offerings except for A who absolutely hated their signature dish, Butter Chicken.  Did I mention he’s not 3 yet?  Yeah.  Can’t say I blame him – I wouldn’t have even had the guts to try at that age!  After cleaning up dinner we headed out to the backyard where A invited T to play soccer.  It was adorable and Suzanne and I swooned abit at the absolute adorableness of it all.  T is great with kids and A really took to him nicely.  Brian joined in and there was quite a bit of soccer going on before A decided he wanted to join the circle of grownups before heading up for his bath and bed time.

After A was asleep the four of us tasted a few beers we’d never tried including a Coconut Curry Hefeweizen which didn’t taste like cocnut, curry or a hefeweizen (which explains why I finished my pour – I hate hefeweizens!).  We also had a pumpkin beer that tasted so much like pumpkin pie you could taste the crust, a hefeweizen with so much floating yeast you could chew it and a smoked porter.  I love these weekly tastings because I’m far more adventurous and despite generally trying 4-6 different styles I probably only have the equivalent of one beer.  Last night’s line up was my favorite so far.

For games we were going to play Forbidden Island and Pandemic but realized that both have a limit of four players.  Instead we broke out Elder Sign, which we’ve been playing for about 2-3 times now and absolutely live.  In the late afternoon T and I watched the Geek and Sundry Tabletop episode on the game so that he’d get a sense of it.  It’s a cooperative game which means everyone playing plays together against the game, sharing strategy and making decisions together.  I made a few reckless choices but was also a freaking rock star and together we kicked Hastur’s ass.  The game, for those who like games and haven’t heard of it, is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Arkham Horror series.  You pick a monster to defeat and then each player picks a character.  Your character will have special abilities and also a specific amount of stamina and sanity – run out of either and you’re dead.  On your turn you go to a room in the museum where you try to roll dice to get combinations to beat the room.  Various rewards and penalties are attached to each room.  Rewards can include things to help you or the much coveted Elder Signs.  The monster you’re working against, in our case Hastur, can be sealed away forever if you earn a certain number of Elder Signs.  Failing a card can yield penalties like a loss in stamina, sanity or the dreaded doom tokens (the ancient one’s version of Elder Signs) or monsters.  Monsters require extra rolls in rooms.  Take my word for it: this is an AWESOME board game.

After a rocking round of Elder Sign we moved on to play Suzanne and Brian’s new game, FlashPoint.  We played the family version to learn it and it has a similar mechanic to Pandemic but is much easier.  At least the family version.  We could not stop laughing while playing – especially T, Suzanne and I.  I couldn’t even try to explain here what was funny – we were just happy and silly and kept making up a story line about our horrific fire fighting ability (we seriously need our union rep) and making up personas for the people we had to rescue (the one on the toilet was Kris) and the fact that we saw about 10 people perish and only managed to save the kitten, puppy and one chick.  It was a blast.

We’re lucky to have Suzanne and Brian for these Friday night game nights – they are always exciting and usually involve lots of singing, laughing and board game related adventure.  We’ll miss next week since we’ll be in New York but look forward to seeing them after that!

If you’re interested, I’m including the video on Elder Sign below!

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