Huzzah And A Hey Nonny Nonny All Around

Yesterday’s agenda was centered on heading to Holly, MI (about an hour away) for The Michigan Renaissance Festival. After seeing some pictures of T on Facebook prior to his arrival we thought it might be something he’d enjoy. Amy, our EF IEC agreed and said it was definitely worth the drive and the admission (a little pricier than you might expect!). Amy and her oldest go each year.

I went to a Renaissance Festival in High School with my best friend but it definitely wasn’t my thing. I just have no interest in any sort of period themed anything. But that was a long time ago and when we have a student in the home we all push ourselves to try anything and everything to keep the year fun and exciting. And since our exchange students are doing so much in the realm of new and different, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t!

After Kris spent the morning working (he’s swamped) we headed up. Thankfully the Yelp reviews warning of three mile backups and disaster parking were wrong. We got in quickly and bought our tickets. The entrance transported us to the largest Renaissance Festival you will most likely ever see. It’s huge! There are all sorts of vendors in cute stalls beautifully appointed and staffed by performer salespeople who very obviously love what the do. Glass and crystal products, clothing and costumes, food and drink, housewares, pet goods, weaponry (some seriously scary stuff) potion ingredients and apothecary, candles, and much, much more.

Beyond the shopping, though, was what we loved most: the performances. The first we saw was immediately upon entering: a man doing card tricks. As soon as we sat he had T join in. His tricks went from cards to sleight of hand with lots of great humor and interaction. We also saw the band everyone on Yelp loves: Tartanic. The two shows the sealed the deal for us, though, were The Washing Well Wenches and The Ded Bob Sho. If you go, be sure to check those out!

Our pictures are below and soon we’ll share about the friend we made :o)

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