Last Weekend Before School Starts (Long Update)

It’s the weekend! Already this one is off to a good start. Since returning from NYC my work life has been busy and Kris’ has continued to be a nightmare (he never got to NY). T is back into a routine of a little daytime boredom but looking forward to getting to school Tuesday.

Thursday night we planned to get together with Mike and Ryan, friends of ours who live in East Lansing. I work with Mike regularly, even though we have different employers, and the four of us love having adventures together.

For dinner we met up at Tavern 109 in Williamston. It’s a great bar/restaurant with a quieter restaurant side and more casual, high top populated, tavern. The food is farm-to-table so the only stuff you’ll find is what’s in season locally. Right now, that’s heirloom tomatoes. Everything had heirloom tomatoes. Even dessert.* They also have a fantastic beer list.

Dinner was a blast and it was great for T to meet some more friends of ours, especially since they’ll see Ryan and Mike so much this year.

Yesterday I had a somewhat calmer work day and was able to get T to the mall to pick up some jeans he’d bought during our first trip to the mall but needed to leave to be altered. I also had to finish birthday shopping for N and her twin, L.

We also finally got somewhere with T’s registration. I will give credit where it’s due and say Skyline is doing a much better job this year than last. N was at risk of losing her visa last year because of how badly Skyline’s administration handled foreign exchange students. The staff, of course, is awesome. But when you have an incompetent administration it can be hard. Last year’s principal has moved on to another position and a new principal was brought in. Kudos to AAPS for not promoting the assistant principal we all thought would get the job.

Because we’re brewing this weekend we knew we’d get to Suzanne and Brian’s late which meant we had to think of a smarter way to handle dinner, especially since I really wanted to cook. T and I started around 5 chopping a huge amount of vegetables for vegan moussaka which actually turned out way better than I thought.

We brought a game with us I found after Suzanne introduced me to Geek & Sundry’s Tabletop series. Tsuro, the game of the path, is an easy to learn game combining strategy and luck. The goal is to create a path for your dragon to fly without leaving the board or flying into another dragon. We had a blast playing one five-dragon round that invoked lots of singing and laughing.

After Tsuro it was time for yet another round of Elder Sign – a round that felt like it was going to kick our ass (or Azazoth, as he was the ancient one we selected). After several failed rolls, experiencing the death of two investigators and cashing in lots of trophies to keep things going, the ending came in the most anticlimactic dice roll. Ever.

Next week we are going to start learning Flash Point. We played a simple version a few weeks ago that had us all apoplectic with laughter.

Today Kris is excited to have a lackey to help him brew and T is excited to have a part in the process. While he can’t enjoy the finished product he’s excited to learn about the chemistry of how beer is made.

That means time for me to finish the NYC movie, update some stuff here and start a new book.

*Okay, that’s hyperbole.

One thought on “Last Weekend Before School Starts (Long Update)

  1. You sound just as busy as we’ve been this past week! So fun to read we’re not the only ones juggling time to get stuff done and also have lots of fun together before everyone’s back to “real life” 😉 That moussaka looks gorgeous…

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