One of the best parts of hosting are all the “firsts” you get to share. From the first time a student cracks a joke to the first day of school to the first friend… They are such a fun part of the experience. But they’re not all huge. Sometimes they are just little things that bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Kris will not eat Chinese food. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, either. I have come to accept this quirk and attribute it to his growing up in rural New York where I imagine there’s not much Chinese food available and what is available probably isn’t very good (ethnocentric native New Yorker and not ashamed of it!). For this reason it is rare that I get to enjoy Chinese food. Sometimes when N was here she and I would pick it up on a weekend or while Kris was out of town we’d have it delivered, but it was seldom. I had a ridiculous craving on Sunday and T had his EF picnic orientation so I figured it would be a good time. K was watching football, we had lots of delicious leftovers from the eggplant dish I created last week… And T likes Chinese.

When the box came and we started divvying everything up he lit up and said, “Fortune Cookies?!” To which I, of course, just said, “Yeah, of course.” He immediately asked which one was mine and I nonchalantly quipped whichever one I picked up and then said we couldn’t eat them until after dinner… Not because it would ruin dinner but because that’s the way they work. Of course eating Chinese is a long process (I do several tiny servings over a long stretch of time) and I forgot about the cookies until that night.

I threw one to him when I remembered and he looked at it like it was something so very, very special. Then he asked, “So I break it in half?” And it hit me – T has never seen or experienced a fortune cookie. Apparently they don’t have them where he lives. And so we all enjoyed his excitement and or complete lack of cultural awareness.


According to Kris the opportunity was T’s first season of American Football. Um, sure…

2 thoughts on “Firsts

    • No, no sports. I’m hoping to finish a few draft posts this week to update everyone on the start of school. Looking forward to reading more about things on your end, too 🙂

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