Sunday In The Kitchen

Note: Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll regarding recipes. The vast majority (70+%) said they’d like links to recipes so I’m starting that in this post. Thanks so much for voting!

Wow. The last week was insanely busy and hectic and Nancy’s upcoming week doesn’t look like it’s going to be any better. So after menu planning yesterday afternoon and grocery shopping very early this morning today has been spent the way a rainy Sunday morning/early afternoon should be: in the kitchen.

Because we have a crazy week including work stuff, play rehearsal, a visit from the realtor, and more, we’re doing one easy recipe this week along with a huge undertaking and leftovers. That should get us through the week. What’s on the menu? Chickpea cutlets with garlic mashed potatoes and roast asparagus (today’s Sunday dinner), Almost All American Seitan Pot Pie (huge undertaking that the guys will just need to pop in the oven once Nancy leaves her final meeting tomorrow night), and Penne Vodka. All of these meals are vegetarian although the Sietan Pot Pie could be vegan. We just didn’t have the energy or initiative to find vegan shortening since we had margarine in the house. And T’s not vegan.





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