Where’ve We Been?

While we wish we could answer that question with something fun and exciting like Belize, the truth is that we’ve just been busy and having fun. Nothing huge has been going on and so we haven’t been snapping tons of pictures.

But, here’s some stuff that’s been happening…

School is off to a great start for T although Skyline putting him in 11th grade isn’t a popular decision in our house. But his classes are an interesting mix and he is doing exceptionally well (maybe they didn’t make him a senior because he’d give the kids a significant challenge when it came to class rank. Hahaha.

T’s schedule has five classes: English 11; U.S History & Geography; Politics of Race, Class, and Gender; Yoga; and Algebra II. His days days are very different from those at his school in The Netherlands because here he has the same schedule every day whereas at home it is different depending on the day of the week. If you can believe it, Nancy’s high school schedule was on a 7-day cycle with the first two and last two periods of the day changing each day. Things have gotten a little less complicated in the last x years. Yeah, let’s not go there.

Besides school, we’ve been busy with other stuff. Kris and T brewed together one morning, there have been board games with Suzanne and Brian, we’ve started watching Season 1 of The Americans (Tom’s assessment of the first episode: awesome!) so that we can all watch season 2 together starting in January. We watched season 1 after N left.

This weekend was a good one. We were able to join our A2CT friends for dinner/drinks at Old Town where they are every Friday night – it’s always a blast and we love joining them. A2CT is Ann Arbor’s community theatre group. Then we made a stop by Vault of Midnight, T’s favorite place in town (it’s a comic book store that carries all sorts of geekery, games, etc.). Saturday got off to a slow start but we stopped at a local grocery store to pick up sandwiches and then went to the brewery on our side of town. We played Pandemic between eruptions to cheer on UM against Akron. Last night Kris brewed while Nancy and T finished a video game we started upon T’s arrival.

The week ahead is certain to be busy again but we’ll try to be better about updating!

One thought on “Where’ve We Been?

  1. It’s fun to read about your super busy days, it’s like that over here too. We’re trying to go for small updates and highlights and just see when there’s time for longer posts. Thanks for sharing and good luck and lots of fun this coming week!

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