Time to Learn to Talk Like a Suthuhnuh!

T likes to act and so we encouraged him to try out for the school play. And so he did. And he got a speaking part! It’s a small one but we are very proud that T will be playing the role of Mr. Peavey in his high school’s fall production, Parade.

This being Ann Arbor we’re not surprised that they picked something like Parade rather than Oklahoma or Hello, Dolly. While we already have had some conversations around diversity in America (and how race is often a touchy subject, as are gender and religion)* tonight we talked more about the themes of racism and anti-Semitism in the play. Typical dinner conversation in our house. We are happy to see play that challenges the student actors to face such difficult topics and deal with some pretty uncomfortable things. Nancy’s not too thrilled that the music is “all, like, discordant Sondheim!”

The play will run in early November, rehearsals kicked off today, and we couldn’t be more happy for T!

*I’m keeping my promise to not get political on this blog!

2 thoughts on “Time to Learn to Talk Like a Suthuhnuh!

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