Greetings from West Virginia

Note: I’m not auto-linking to Facebook this week because I will most likely be writing a little more than usual and don’t want to clog people’s feeds. Once we return home I’ll go back to posting as usual, with these vacation posts interspersed. For those of you who subscribe, thanks for bearing with us as we write from the rode!

Because it’s nearing or fifth anniversary, Kris and I thought it would be nice to get away for a week during our favorite season and just relax in nature. Not jaunt around Europe, not have marathon days throughout New York City, not take a train to a new city and exhaustingly explore as we love to do. We just wanted someplace where we could be. And so we booked a cabin in the mountains of West Virginia, so remote it kind of blows our minds, and marked it on our calendars.

And then we decided to host T. Who is now missing a week of school to hang out in the middle of nowhere with us. Originally we weren’t sure he would be able to come because of rehearsal but it turns out he can miss rehearsal this week; he would most likely only have to attend one if he was back in Ann Arbor anyway.

And so yesterday morning at around 8 a.m. we split up (Kris and the dogs and luggage in one car, T and I with the bikes in the other) and hit the road. I will miss (yes, I can tell already) road trips with T. We talk incessantly about everything on the drive. We take turns sharing music, discuss politics, stupid people (we’re both not fans), religion, history, movies and books and plans and dreams… it’s a great way to make any long trip fly. We went through Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania – all states he’d driven through before – before seeing a sign saying we’d just crossed the Mason-Dixon Line and welcoming us a Maryland (a new state for T) and then crossed into West Virginia. At some point we got off the prescribed route and ended up taking some really amazing country roads. It was such a beautiful ride and T got a good glimpse of rural America.

We arrived around 4 after stopping at a very scary gas station/country store and Kris popped in about 45 minutes later (he had stopped for a sit down lunch).

After I took a nap (I’m flighting one hell of a cold) we enjoyed a dinner of cheese sandwiches and potato chips and Coke, a rousing game of charades (T had never played) and then Kris and I streamed the season finale of Dexter so that it wouldn’t be ruined by social media. If you are a Dexter fan let me hold your hand, wipe your tears and say, “I’m sorry, friend, but that wasn’t a nightmare. It actually did end that horribly.”

Anyway. It was a brilliant first day. This morning I woke up first, finished the amazing book I have been listening to (go read it now), and enjoyed the views from the deck (where I’m sitting with two dogs and a blanket right now… Be jealous). Now that Kris is up I’m going to pour a cup of coffee, go do the grocery shopping (it’s far away) and then spend my first full day of decompression on book number two. I’ll post pictures tonight (I was too present yesterday to take any). We’re going to do some hiking and GeoCaching ( tomorrow and will post about that along with pictures of the nature I cannot wait to dive into.

Okay, here’s a crappy iPad pic…


2 thoughts on “Greetings from West Virginia

  1. I can SO imagine why you want to be there. Crappy Ipad picture or no, it looks and sounds awesome. The surroundings, the doing nothing but relax and read and chill. Good for you. And happy anniversary (almost? ;))!! How cool that T. could come and that you have such a great time together. Wouldn’t it suck if you’d just sit next to each other, silence… crickets, you know what I mean? Heheheh. Maybe it’d be cool to at some point create this map with all states and colour the states T.’s been to? Like with the geocaching stats, showing which countries or provinces or states and all that. Wait, did you already tell you also “do” geocaching? That’s so cool 🙂
    Enjoy your week there you guys! Don’t post too much tho, just enjoy the non-digital world 😀

    • I love the disconnect! I’m on a social media hiatus until we get back but have channeled my usual morning writing into this blog so that I make sure to keep my writing muscles in tip top condition. Weird not to use pen(cil) and paper!

      I’ve been GeoCaching since about 2002 or 2003 and love it but where we currently live the caching isn’t very good. Have you or Zoé ever done it? It’s lots of fun!

      As always, thanks for stopping by; it’s so much fun sharing the hosting adventure with you!

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