It’s The Weekend!

This has been a busy week – Nancy and Kris have had a crazy work schedule, T has had long rehearsals for Parade and other activities after school plus homework.  For that reason we haven’t had many big things going on… but as pointed out by another blog of an exchange family, that’s sometimes the best part: the settling into the route of a family.

This weekend will start off the normal way, with some Friday night games, but then tomorrow morning Kris leaves for Buffalo.  Nancy and T have an exciting agenda planned for Saturday including pumpkin picking in Ann Arbor (Halloween is coming at the end of the month!), a field trip to the Royal Oak/Ferndale area (a little North of Detroit), and hopefully buying a coat for T – it’s getting cold.

Saturday evening we have tix for an event at an art collective in Ferndale.  We’ll be getting a palette, necessary paints and brushes and painting along with Bob Ross.

In case you’re not familiar, there’s a clip.  Bob Ross was a huge staple of my childhood.  Not that I watched but he was always on PBS when we were getting ready to watch Sesame Street (or maybe he came on after).  T and I are excited to paint along and see what we can do.

Sunday will be a typical lazy Sunday, I’m sure, especially since Kris will be out of town.  We may watch a few Halloween movies, order some Chinese… enjoy family life, ya know?

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