We’ve Totally Got A Future In Art

Yeah, it’s been a little crazy around here. That’s an understatement. T’s play rehearsals, our work, being awesome… It’s led to the neglect of this blog. It may also have to do with that novel Nancy committed to writing in November.

But, when last we met T and Nancy were going to a painting class while Kris was on a boys’ weekend.

20131026-075943.jpgAs you can see, Joe came along to supervise.

20131026-080248.jpgWe went from two blank canvases to our initial brush strokes

20131026-080331.jpg(T is on the left; Nancy on the right) which built slowly and ended up, somehow, looking something like they were supposed to.

20131026-080505.jpgJoe America was super proud:



After our hard work we had a late dinner of pizza and then the world’s best icecream at Treat Dreams in Ferndale.

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