It only took two people…

After D (next year’s Dutchie) and my good friend over at WTTNL asking I am finally jumping on here to update. T’s okay, we’re okay, Joe America is okay. We are just extraordinarily busy. But I appreciate that people have checked in and wondered where the hell we are and so I’m going to attempt to post every two to three days to get everyone caught up.

Probably the only thing I can think to say right now is, “it won’t stop snowing,” which you know if you’re in 49:50 of the USA states. I think even the international community has been updated on the ridiculous winter we r experiencing, from Florida to California to Oregon to Maine. Michigan has not been spared and today was something like the seventh snow day for some school districts. T’s school is off all week for mid-winter break, though, so unlike many others he won’t be in school late in June. We hope.

Anyway… I’ll probably make a list of things that have happened and go through those to make some sensible posts with pictures and videos – there’s been lots going on!

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