Spring Hasn’t Sprung

Despite the calendar telling us spring will be here next week it’s been pretty cold and snowy in Michigan.  The kids even had a snow day last week on Wednesday.  Last week was also the last week of the second trimester at T’s high school so he had finals and then a day off.  Today is the first day of the last tri.  Already the emails have started regarding flights home, parent visits, and end of the year activities.  It’s always a bittersweet time of year.  While on one hand it’s fun to think about all the great things spring brings, it also brings the eventual departure of someone who has become a part of your family.  And no one wants to think about that.

The weekend was a busy one for all of us.  With Nancy’s birthday on Friday and the opening of Bill’s Beer Garden for the season, there was no way we could avoid going.  T had dinner plans with friends and then went out downtown with them also.  He has taken a liking to Ann Arbor’s classic arcade, Pinball Pete’s.  There are so few arcades left in the country but Pete’s is a haven for anyone who likes games of any sort.  From classic carnival style skeeball, basketball and whackamole to classic upright video games like Donkey Kong and PacMan there is something for everyone.

Saturday T had friends over for board games, pizza and a movie.  He has started spending more time with a friend of his that he met early in the year but only recently moved to the neighborhood (making it much easier for them to get together) and also a few of the other exchange students including a girl from Georgia, one from France and one from China.  His mix of friends is a nice balance between American kids and other exchange students who understand what it’s like to be here on an exchange.

We’re not sure what next weekend holds but chances are there will be lots going on.  T is doing tech for the third and final school production, “Moon Over Buffalo” so he is going to be very busy with that starting today.  His involvement in Skyline Theatre has been great – introducing him to great staff and students and bringing a great deal of joy.  Nancy is presenting at a conference Saturday for college students preparing to be teachers but will be done at a decent time.  Since we have friends near the conference we may all go out so that T can have a visit with them.

Next week will bring something new: Nancy found out today that she has to travel out of state for work so Kris will be flying solo with very little notice.  Not a huge deal but definitely puts pressure on him because of rides and handling EVERYTHING while she’s gone.  But, Nancy’s job comes with a cape so sometimes these things happen (although this is the first time in the nearly seven years she has been working for this particular employer that she has been asked to go out of state).

This past weekend we looked at dates for our Spring Break trip – we’ll be heading to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia for about a week.  It will be fun to have a road trip east since it seems move of our travels take us west.  Washington, D.C. has a ton of history and great museums and also some cool places in nearby MD.  You may remember our Friday night board game friends, Suzanne and Brian?  They moved to MD recently so we will be able to see them.  Philadelphia is probably Nancy’s favorite mid-Atlantic city (that isn’t New York) and so she is looking forward to getting back there.  The last time was probably ten years ago.  We’ll be visiting The Magic Garden, Geno’s, a few museums and hopefully Fairmount Park for some outdoor stuff.

Just gotta get through this last bout of cold!

One thought on “Spring Hasn’t Sprung

  1. Yay for the new post! Thanks for the update, you guys are so busy and time goes so fast. I’m happy for T he’s with yous for a whole school year. Good luck and have fun next week 😉 The boys will do great, I’m sure of it 😀
    Sending you sunshine!!!

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