Meet D!

So back when we were getting ready to say goodbye to N, our first Dutch exchange student, we got a few messages via Facebook from D. D lives in the same city as N and attended the same high school from which N graduated and had LOTS of questions about spending a high school year in America. We weren’t planning, at the time, to host during the 2014-15 school year. We thought we would go abroad that year but after bonding with D and thinking about it we told her in October that we would host her. While we’ve been communicating a ton, we wanted to wait until it was official before starting to write about her here.

On the 12th, D received the phone call stating that she had passed her year so she will be arriving this summer to be the third Dutch exchange student in our house.

Needless to say, we are very excited for this. We have developed a great affinity for the Dutch (even if we did root for Spain yesterday) and are excited to host someone who knows N and her family. We feel like honorary residents of Castricum and we’ve never even been there!

D is sixteen, plays hockey and is terrified of roosters. Like all Dutch girls she has terrible taste in music and loves Pretty Little Liars. We’ll educate her on the music and continue our Tuesday night tradition of PLL.

I know when she is arriving but she is surprising Kris with the news so I am going to keep her secret. Stay tuned for more info as we prepare for another year of travel, laughter and love. From what we know of D she is going to fit right in!20140615-174943-64183744.jpg

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