To those considering hosting…

I follow a few different exchange blogs and loved this closing post. Perfectly sums up the awful dichotomy of the year.

One crazy woman's journey through life...

I  have a word of advice for those considering hosting an exchange student.


Don’t host an exchange student! Life will never be the same if you do. You will have a piece of your heart that you will inevitably give away to this crazy foreign stranger. A piece of your heart that cannot grow back. You will worry and stress about this student for (probably) the rest of your life.  Plus, they will worm their way into your family, your extended family and your friends’ hearts. Oh and they won’t stop there. They will charm their way into the hearts of the teachers and secretaries at the school. Their American high school friends’ families will adore them.

I’m telling you. Hosting an exchange student probably seems like a fun, harmless activity that will help you pass the time during the long, cold winter months. It’s not harmless. It is…

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