Two Weeks!

Usually on Thursday nights we go down to Zingerman’s Roadhouse for dinner but Kris has been crazy busy with work and Nancy spent some delightful time in the ER with a kidney stone so the idea tonight was to lie low. Or maybe to lay low. Anyone know?

Neither of us seems to recognize that Daniëlle will be here in TWO WEEKS. No joke. Despite quite a bit of Facebook chats and a pseudo countdown it just doesn’t feel like she’s that close to departing The Netherlands and heading to Ann Arbor for her American year.

We’ll kick off the year a little differently than usual… Instead of it just being us at the airport, Nancy’d mom (MamaCz) is heading to Michigan next weekend. And not to long after Daniëlle’s arrival our dear, dear friend, Melanie is coming out for a week followed by another old, dear friend, Neil.

The other big change is that we’re not going to New York City in August – a first since we’ve lived in Michigan. Kris’ work schedule is always too hectic and we’re going for a week in October so it seems to make sense to just wait.

Daniëlle is off to France tomorrow for a goodbye trip with her parents and brother after saying goodbye to her bestows who will be on their own holidays upon her return. One friend is joining her in France. We wish her and her family a fantastic two weeks before she heads across the Atlantic for a high school year, Ann Arbor style.


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