And So It Begins

Danielle was saying to me a few weeks ago that she couldn’t believe how soon she was leaving for America but that because she was still looking forward to her goodbye trip to France, it hadn’t really hit.  I told her to just wait, and that it would hit when she starting counting down the “lasts”.  

Tomorrow marks the first “last” – it will be the last Thursday she sleeps in Europe for nearly 11 months!  

I hope she’s as excited as we are (and more ready than we are).

The countdown at our house has begun.  We realized today that Saturday night is the last time for nearly 11 months that we’ll be the only people in the house, with my mom arriving Sunday and coming up North with me for a few days.  We come back the day Danielle arrives and then not too long after my mom goes home, we have friends visiting.

It’s here.  it’s time.  Let’s do this!

3 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. Hi, this is a message from Arjen (Danielle’s uncle). Just want to say that we all waved Danielle goodbye at Schiphol Airport, just now. Take good care of my favorite niece!

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