Off To A Great Start!

Despite two hours in Customs, Danielle’s stay is off to a fun and exciting start.  After arriving Friday we drove to Ann Arbor and got her acquainted with the house basics, including the unveiling of her room.  Because we knew she had a great sense of humor AND because she wrote in her application that she would not live in a house that kept chickens as pets due to a run in with a rooster, we included lots of roosters in her room.  

After that we were off to dinner at Mani, our traditional first night spot.  We tried some new dishes and stuck with some old favorites and had fun chatting and laughing over a delicious meal.

Yesterday there was a street fair in Ann Arbor (although not up to Ann Arbor’s usual par!) to celebrate our hosting today’s Real Madrid v. Manchester game.  There were bands, and supposedly a scavenger hunt (let’s just say that the Ann Arbor visitor’s bureau and I disagree on the definition of Scavenger Hunt) and photo contest (also disappointing) to win two pairs of tickets to today’s game.  We still had fun, though.  MamaCz, Danielle, and I went to Arbor Brewing for a late lunch and then Kris met up with us.  Danielle was able to meet the Civic Theatre crew at Happy Hour (a Friday night tradition), including our good friends Joyce and TJ.  After that it was off to find the violin monster and then pics were taken in the photo booth before heading to a new ice cream shop.  Once home we settled in on the couch for a little baseball before everyone started heading to bed.

Here are some pictures from Danielle’s first full day.  If your student is already here, how are you spending your first few days?  If your student is not here yet, what’s your plan for once he arrives?


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