Everybody Loves Her Now


I’ll find any excuse to add Billy Joel to what I’m doing.  Especially one that talks about my ol’ stomping grounds.  But, onward… there is a post to be written, updates to be given.

Today marks three weeks since Danielle arrived and she has been kept VERY busy.  Between my mom being here when she arrived and TWO houseguests since, it’s been hard to find a free minute to post.  She’s also been at school EVERY DAY this week and has to go again tomorrow – phew!

After MamaCz left, Melanie, came to visit.

dan and mel

Melanie and Danielle had fun hanging out while Kris and I worked and we were able to do some cool stuff like make a day trip to Grand Rapids to visit Vander Veen’s, The Frederik Meijer Sculpture Gardens and Founder’s.



We also went out to dinner a bunch of times, and got their first sandwiches at Zingerman’s.  Toward the end of Mel’s visit, Neil came out for a long weekend.  We picked him up at the airport before heading to The Henry Ford.  It was awesome to visit with Mel, who has an amazing knowledge of America’s history of Civil Rights – it was like having a private tour.  After the museum Danielle got to go to her first Major League Baseball game where we had kick ass seats right behind home plate.  Sadly, I had to leave to go work (on a vacation day… my dedication is unfaltering) but then we met up at Slow’s for a delicious, filling dinner of bbq.  And mac ‘n’ cheese.  After our time in Detroit we headed back to Ann Arbor for a truly awesome night playing “Last Word” around the fire – lots of laughs for all of us.

This week has been all about school… enrolling, Link Crew Orientation, registering, dealing with Skyline (biting my tongue).  Kris and I have both been working a ton but we’re still finding time to enjoy time with Danielle, who has been making a ton of American friends be it in their 30’s or her own age.  Another exchange student, who will be living in our neighborhood, arrived yesterday and they have plans to get together next week.  Also, Danielle made a friend at Orientation who is also a senior.  So she’s been busy on her own settling into life here.

In addition to American stuff we’ve continued the tradition of incorporating Dutch culture into our daily lives, from eet smakelijk and slaap lekker to having her teach us to make Kip Kerrie last night for dinner (yum!).  Three weeks and already so much going on… can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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