Big News!

A few years back Kris & I saw this version Nemesis on YouTube. It’s been a favorite song of ours for years but this version? Brilliant.

Being Kris & I, travel junkies who need only the flimsiest of excuses to plan a trip, we immediately decided that we had to get to Sundance. Because it seemed cool musical acts played awesome versions of good songs there. Yes, one video on YouTube caused this.

We starting researching how to get tickets. It seemed impossible. Registration, lottery, half an hour to make selections. We ended up missing the registration for a few years. Then we decided that this was going to be the year. Daniëlle’s a celebrity follower like no one we’ve ever met, Kris and I love documentaries and shorts but aren’t so much into celebs. Daniëlle also skis, and the really good friend she’s made at school, Ava, is a snow boarder. Park City sounds like the perfect trip for this exchange year.

We put the info in my calendar, registered, and put the date when we’d get the email with our time slot in my calendar. That we were given Thursday and that Thursday was the first day blew our minds. We realized how quickly we would need to know all of our info so we texted Daniëlle to call and ask Ava about going. She could. Somehow we were able to get the packages we wanted.

We let Danielle know and have been very excited since. Sundance 2015 – we’ll see you there!


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