Thanks for dropping by!  You most likely found this page because you know us and want to follow our adventures with hosting exchange students.  But, maybe you’re someone thinking about hosting, or looking to see if other host families have had the same experiences as you.  Either way, we’re glad you’re here.

We are a couple in our thirties who live in the awesome city of Ann Arbor.  A few years back a friend of ours starting hosting exchange students and we greatly enjoyed getting to know those international students.  Since kids are totally not in the cards for us but we did enjoy these older children we thought it might be fun.  Last year we hosted our first student, N, a Dutch girl.  It was one of the most amazing years of our lives – sharing our home with someone with such a different perspective and experience.  We did so many things together: traveling, performances, volunteering… and just hanging out and being a family.  We wish we had blogged it but our facebook/twitter/instagram/yelp feeds tell the story.

This year we are hosting T, a Dutch boy.  It was kind of strange the way this came to be but we can’t wait for him to get to us so that we can begin our second year of welcoming an exchange student into our home, community and family.  Stay tuned to this photoblog to follow our adventures.  From time to time we’ll also post about hosting in general including how you can experience the joy of opening your home to a foreign child.

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey you guys, everything okay? Haven’t seen much activity on your blog, hope it’s simply because you all are very busy with “real life”. As you probably know our exchange ended just before Christmas. I was planning to write a final posting at the beginning of the new year, but haven’t come around to it yet. It doesn’t seem that important anymore also, so we’ll see what we’ll do with that. Hope you guys are doing well!

    • Hi, hi! God, I have been awful. We are all okay and doing well, just insanely busy but your post and a note from next yr’s kid made realize that I need to get may act together and start posting again so I will 🙂 How were your goodbyes? Have you heard from Zoé since she left?

      • Hi!!! Don’t feel awful!! You’re busy, it’s okay, and even if you weren’t. You don’t owe anything to the online world, so please don’t strain youself if there simply isn’t time for posting. I’m very glad though that you’re all doing well! And of course very much looking forward to everything you’ll share once you can 😀

        We’ve had e-mail contact with Zoé a couple of times since she left for home and after that Ireland. She’s having a totally different experience in Ireland, in almost every way. She’s shared with us that she realises now how much she learned while staying with us and that she can apply much of that in her second exchange. To be honest, it’s a kind of bittersweet, you know. It wasn’t always easy to have to be the first one to teach or tell her something about being abroad and leaving your safe known world. And now she’s applying all that in her second exchange and having such a different (esp. social) experience over there, something we had hoped she would’ve had while staying with us. On the other hand though, we are very proud of her. It was a big thing for her to realise all that, acting upon it ánd being able to share it with us and thanking us for it. So we’re very happy for her she’s doing so well in Ireland. At an all girls school, uniforms and all, can you imagine?!!! 😀

        Anyway, that’s the exchange news from this side of the pool. Can’t wait for your stories!! And good luck with the extreme weather circumstances over there! We’ve seen it on the news these past weeks and it’s a huge contrast to the non-winter we’re having over here, but you’ve probably heard all about that from T’s family 😉 Say hi to him and K from us!

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