First Excursion


Yesterday we took T for a day out. It wasn’t completely planned but came together beautifully. T had mentioned paprika chips and how they are his favorite back home. It is nearly impossible to find Dutch food in Ann Arbor and even the one place that used to carry a decent amount is having issues with their distributor. So, I went to my favorite website for all things commercial and posted asking where I might find them in Michigan (preferably Ann Arbor or Downriver) and was lucky enough to have it seen by a woman who recently moved to metro Detroit from The Netherlands. She told me about Vander Veen’s in Grand Rapids, a store selling only Dutch groceries!

Grand Rapids is two hours west of Ann Arbor so driving there just for groceries probably wouldn’t make sense so we figured we would go to do something else while there. The Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park is a beautiful place to spend time in Grand Rapids. We drove out and enjoyed the garden, discussing the sculpture and learning more about each other. T saw a sculpture that is part of a series also in The Netherlands.

After the gardens we went to Vander Veen’s where we stocked up: paprika chips, curry ketchup, schuude buikjes, Appel Stroop… Yum!

Next was Founder’s, pretty much the best brewery in Michigan. But have no fear, it’s a nice family spot. We had delicious sandwiches and played Phase 10 and Kris and I tasted two new beers.

All in all a great way to celebrate T’s first week of being here!

2 thoughts on “First Excursion

    • Hello, again! We try to incorporate a little of our students’ culture into things, especially at the beginning and around holidays. It goes over really well with them 🙂

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