The First Week

Yesterday marked one week since Daniëlle arrived. It’s been a non-traditional start to the year between having a student arrive straight from home and having a steady stream of visitors in the house. The first week included my mom being here and then she left and Daniëlle met Arianne, who was a great friend of Naomi’s (and actually just got back from visiting Naomi in Castricum). Yesterday my best friend flew out from New York and so that has been a long-awaited and much appreciated visit.

Highlights of week 1 include Daniëlle’s stories, her incredible command of the English language (she used “impulse buy” in dinner conversation Sunday night) and all the firsts/realizations. Some are the standard:

Asking if the people in shops/waitresses actually care how you’re doing when they ask.

The cereal aisle at Meijer

Shock at free refills.

Amazement at the concept of leftovers.

But then there are the other things unique to Daniëlle like her utter shock at the ice/water dispenser on the fridge.

We have a fun weekend planned. I have to work today; Kris and I both have busy busy schedules this week. But then we’ll do a run to the salon. Tonight we’ll lie low and then tomorrow we take our first day trip! It should be a great week of firsts.

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